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Why MBA?

This is the most common question that students face when writing essays or attending interviews for management Programs.

There is no one answer to this question that suits all. However, there is one common allay that links all the MBA aspirants that is all of them wishes to acquire business skills. We decided to conduct an online survey with the management graduates to understand the underlying reason behind the management hype. So we sent out the questioner to 60 management graduates across Europe and 51 of them responded. The top reason to pursue a management program is to climb the corporate ladder followed by career change.

Here are some other reasons that we came up with after talking around with MBA Graduates

The graph clearly shows that career change is one of the top reasons for people to consider management programs followed by personal growth.

Grand Entry: Companies value a Management degree from a reputed University. The Brand name of the B School will not only open up great career opportunities, it will also keep adding brand value to your personal profile throughout your career.

Career Change: This is one of the most common reasons with professionals who have already spent a considerable amount of time in a certain industry or job role. Some desire a complete shift in the industry, while some desire to shift from one function to the other within the same industry.

For example, Sameer worked in IT as a coder (programmer) for 5 years and then he went for an MBA to seek out opportunities in a different sector. Post-MBA landed himself a Banking job.

Anita worked for 6 years in sales in the Insurance sector. After MBA she joined back in the insurance sector again but as a Business Analyst.

Rising in the Business(corporate) Ladder: Some people find themselves stuck in the same hierarchical ladder. They would consider pursuing an MBA for a rise in the pyramidal structure by acquiring new skills that helps them to take the leap.

Networking: An international management will help you connect with other students from different countries and will help you to build a strong and effective network worldwide. An exposure to different culture, life style also changes perspective and helps in personal development.

To increase salary: Getting yourself a top MBA would be a major investment of time and money. If recent trends are to be believed, the salary of MBA graduates has increased tremendously within three years after their graduation.

Check out this link from Financial Times to read more about salary hikes.

To change Geography:

The question is where do you want to work after you graduate?

While choosing schools for international management programs, a large preference goes to the geographical location that you want to work after graduation. A management program from a top business school will open up opportunities for you to work on the same geographic area.

In Europe the local language plays a great role in your job search. Many many candidates therefore while hunting for B schools prefers countries that are favorable for English speakers.

Personal growth: That is all about bringing in changes in your own self. It is about learning new skills and implementing them so that you grow as a person and apply those techniques in your professional world as well.

Management programs over the world are taking personal growth and development very seriously by incorporating PCDP (Personal Career Development Programs) modules in their curriculum. This programs are designed to help candidates to boost self confidence , learn to network effectively etc.

These are the common reasons why one would like to go for a management degree but when you are tackling the “Why” question you have to come up with a story that tailors to your personal career/personal journey. Personalized and genuine answers are what the admission board is looking for.

How do you customize your story to the “WHY” question?

Here is an example:

“I started my career working with an IT-firm . After 2 years of work as Technical Consultant , I changed function to become a Presales consultant. During my journey as a Pre-sales consultant I realized, I love to interact with people. I also realized the need to enhance my skills in business in order to add further value to clients . That was when I decided I should go for degree in Business Administration.”

Follow the tone of discussion. Here the main cause to go for a masters is career change but the

applicant very smartly blends it with her personal life.

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