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Interviewing MSc BA Student Anshuman Mitra: "Listen to your heart and take the risk" this is what I

Anshuman has done his Bachelors from Christ University, Bangalore. He worked for TCS Nelson and General Mills for around 4 years in the field of marketing analytics and insights.

Reason to pursue a masters in Management:

After working for four years in the filed of business and analytics I felt the need to enhance my skills by pursuing a masters.

Why did you choose Europe ? Also why Netherlands? What are the other options did you consider? It has been my dream to come to Europe. Northern Europe was my priority because of the Economy doing better than the other parts of Europe.I did consider Germany as well.

Where did you do your masters? I am currently doing my masters at TIAS . It's a collaboration between Tilburg and Eindhoven University. These two universities are the best in the country. Besides the student crowd in the university is very international. I get to learn a lot through cultural exchange.

What is the cultural mix like? Is it all European or you have students from Asia, US all over the globe? We have a truly international culture. We have people coming from Asia, US, Argentina , Netherlands, Greece. The crowd is truly amazing.

What is the full form of your masters? Its is called Master of Science in Business Administration(Msc-Ba). This program provided me the opportunity to specialize in Business Analytics. This was a very good option for me depending on my previous experience. (He previously worked in marketing analysis)

How long have you been in the Netherlands? What do you feel about the country ? Do people speak English?Did you face any difficulties? Eight months now I can say that I am enjoying my time here and people are really receptive. The local language is Dutch , but every one is well versed in English which provides a very friendly atmosphere for expats.

Where do you live in the Netherland? I live in a private student Building.I stay with 4 other people from different nationalities. It is also fun staying together with people from different places. I have my own room but we share a kitchen and bathroom.I am currently living with one Spanish, one American ,Greek and half American German. Kitchen is the place that we meet and have fun.

How did you find your accommodation? Tias helped you in any way? Tias suggested me places. But before Tias , I already found out Utrecht university website and booked my room with them. The platform is called NL housing.

How did you finance your Education? My tuition fees has been financed with Prodigy finance. Rest I met with my savings and help from my parents.

Tias helped you to finance your education in any way? Yes, I got scholarship from Tias. I got 20 percent of the fees as scholarship.

What do you want to do after Tias? Currently I want to work in the Netherlands or Uk and pay back my loans.

One advice to the future students?

"Listen to your heart and take the risk" this is what I told myself and I will tell this to everyone.

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