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Advantages of studying abroad

Updated: May 28, 2019

Every final year Bachelors student goes through the dilemma of whether to go for a higher studies or to join the workforce. While many students go for Entrepreneurship, adventure or higher education majority joins the workforce of Multinational Companies. While stuck in the day jobs, the feeling of higher studies again comes to many people’s mind and many professionals leave their job to be students once again. Be it MBA or MS/MTech. both fields have their own pros and cons. In this article I would like to point what an International Masters brings to your career.

Wider Career Opportunities: First of all there is no end to sharpening your skills. An International Masters enhances your personal profile and also helps you to gain deeper insights into the subject matter of your choice. At the Master level, your courses are harder and labs more specialized. This brings out the best of you and sharpens your knowledge further.

An International master opens the door to join the global workforce.

Living and studying at a country makes it easier for one to penetrate the local job market because one already has an idea of what works in that particular area and what does not.

It also increases your chances to start a Ph.D. from the same university or a different university from the same country.

Career Change: This is specifically to the people who are stuck in a job which they don’t like. A Master gives you an opportunity to get out of the job and enhances your chances of working in a field that you want. For example, I had a fellow Master student who spent several years in various IT firms. although the salary was good the job was not satisfying. The Masters course gave her an opportunity to change her career and work in Machine Learning. To increase salary : Let’s face it desire to work in a field is very essential to achieve excellence but an attractive salary can work as a catalyst. an international Masters gives one the required thrust. Many people take sabbatical and purse an international Masters which help them negotiate a higher salary. While for many an international Masters help them get some valuable international experience which in turn help them acquire a high paying job in their country.

Networking: In Today’s world of Globalization one cannot emphasise enough how important Networking is. An international Masters help you connect with diverse people and helps you a lot in the long run. I am working at a small startup whose co-founders come from different nations. As the company became a little stable the co-founders decided to go back to their countries and expand the company. So an international Masters help you in technical collaboration and also business practice exchange.

Personal growth: All the above points mentioned focused on how an International Masters in going to help develop your career. But how does it affect you at personal level? The answer is it transforms you into a different person. Once one interacts with people from diverse background, the exchange of cultural knowledge that includes food, language, clothing etc, helps to open one’s mind. you become more acceptive to other cultures and at the same time you start appreciating your own culture. So to round it up. An international Masters not only enhances your Career profile, but also helps you mature at a personal level. It opens up the door to El-Dorado and it’s upon you to go and grab the treasure.

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